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inksperia is a website or an entity that  established with a specific aim for finding interesting people for building better earth and conserving it for future generation.


  • Sustainable development, technologies and startup seed capital funding .

  • Solution for misinformation and information overload in social media

  • Women empowerment, Trans empowerment and Empowerment of Physically and Mentally challenged .

  • Human Resource Management 

About inksperia

Its all started by meeting one of the interesting character,

who is fond of coffee, a dreamer, a dog lover, more over a traveler, who left me with a dream, without saying a goodbye... 

Mission of inksperia is to find the most interesting people, help their passion to work on their dreams  before they all end up in stressful, exploiting corporate slavery life, living for paying bills at the end and trapped in tight work schedule and letting to forget the fruitful events of life. 

Vision  is to be a part of everyone's life

its all about  passion,

its all about inksperia 

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